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Suspended Breath; a Hartz journey

Music composed by Gareth Dawson
Story written and performed by Jane Rawson

Suspended breath: a Hartz journey’ is a collaborative exhibition of painting, music and words dedicated to the Hartz Mountains.

The artists, Kat Scarlet, Gareth Dawson and Jane Rawson, all live in the Huon Valley. What brought us here? What keeps us tied to this place? How does it change us and how do we change it? Our understanding of this place is deeply embedded in its nature and the Hartz Mountains are emblematic of that natural world. The national park is a landscape so dramatically different to the valley floor – its strange and ancient plants, its rock screes, its vast vistas or rapidly smothering clouds – but so near that we can visit it on a whim. What does it mean to have such majesty, to have a place so wildly inhuman, so close to home?

The fires of the past decade and the island’s drying, warming climate have rewritten – subtly or permanently – the ecosystems of Tasmania’s alpine areas. In future decades they will change even more. What does a change in the landscape and the living creatures of the Hartz Mountains mean for our understanding of and relationship with this place?

This project aims to grapple with these questions.

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