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Suspended breath; a Hartz journey

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Kat Scarlet, Gareth Dawson, Jane Rawson

This exhibition is a collaboration between 3 creatives. All the work has been inspired by Hartz mountain national park.

Kat Scarlet has painted this series of landscapes.
Gareth Dawson has written ‘Ascent’ music inspired by Kat’s artwork.
Jane Rawson has written ‘Moss’ a short story.

For an immersive experience please listen to the music and story whist viewing the artwork. You can find the media players underneath the gallery on the exhibition page.

All original artwork is for sale, there is also the option of limited edition, high quality giclee prints. press the 'shop' button under the gallery on the exhibition page.



Examples of some of my work. Some pieces may end up as prints in the future but most won't. Just wanted to give you lovely folks some more eye candy!



working on a painting

I was born on the precipice of the punk era in the North West of England, and was always busy doing something creative (or dangerous) as a child. I left high school to go to art college in Merseyside then on to study silver jewellery making in Manchester before moving to Australia in 1998. Since then I have found inspiration in the raw nature of Australia. I lived in the Southwest for 11 years where I pursued a jewellery career creating silver and semi precious gemstone pieces inspired by the local flora and fauna. Our next move was to the Northern suburbs of Melbourne where I was busy creating art on skin as a custom tattoo artist.
Now in Southern Tasmania I once again find myself drawn to the nature all around me. I enjoy spending time watching birds in our bush garden, fungi foraging and hiking (well more of a slow walk punctuated with lots of stops to study plants or wildlife!) I am drawn to, and passionate about, nature and conservation. I love to take the time to examine details in the environment that might otherwise go unnoticed and re-create them in my works, utilising pattern, hypercolour and scale to experience them in new ways. 



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